Exciting, non-staining lubricants!

Having amazing sex is something we all want. Great sex can be made fantastic with the right lubrication (lube)! If you have tried lubes in the past you know many lubes feel tacky and won't come off once you are done. What is even worse, many lubes stain clothing, sheets ant other fabrics. 

To intensify your sexual experience, making it more fun and exciting, we developed Slik Willie and Slik Willie F - - k Juice, a new non-staining hybrid silicone lubricant for men and women that want to enjoy the action even more. We came up with a hybrid silicone formula that feels amazing and that will not stain clothing, sheets, and other fabrics. Our products (we also make a waterbased version of Slik Willie that contains no silicone) wash off easily with soap and water. They are also compatible with condoms and sex toys. Slik Willie Personal Lubricants are cleared by the FDA.

"We were done with expensive lubricants staining and ruining clothing, sheets and furniture."  That is why our Dr. and founder, Dr. Roger went on to develop "a lube that feels amazing, lasts longer and causes no mess. It does not stain clothing, sheets or fabrics. It washes off with soap and water! It is also compatible with toys and condoms"

Only the best ingredients are good enough!

Our lubes are made by the highest grade medical quality ingredients in a FDA cleared facility. Our lubes have, the by law required, 510 (k) clearances from the US FDA. 

For questions or concerns contact us at: customercare@slikwillie.com. We are here for your pleasure!